24 Sep 2012

Delegated e-Signing

Often in the real world people are unable to sign documents because they are away on holiday or some other important business. In situations like this there is normally a possibility for some other suitably authorised person to sign on behalf of the original signer. Within SigningHub we have built support for delegated or so called  PP signatures. Set-up is simple, just identify the person who can sign on your behalf and the date range when this is allowed (e.g. whilst you are on leave).

During the configured time period both you and your authorised delegated signer will receive any document signing requests sent to you. Either one of you can view and sign the document and the workflow process will then continue as normal.  

 document signing requests
Once the delegated signer opens the document they are guided to the signature field that needs to be signed:

signature field that needs to be signed:

After signing the updated signature appearance is shown:

signing the updated signature
Once the document is signed the document owner will be notified via email. The owner can also see the details of each signer from the document action history.

document action history

It's so simple to set-up and test, why not try it yourself next time.

Liaquat Khan
Technical Director