SigningHub Autumn '16 release

Posted by Bilal Ashraf on 19-Sep-2016 14:43:16
SigningHub Autumn 16 Release
On 30th September, Ascertia is launching the SigningHub Autumn '16 release (v7). This is a completely revamped UI/UX that will provide an enhanced and smoother user experience.

SigningHub Autumn '16 release: introducing SigningHub 7

SigningHub 7 Release

SigningHub 7 key features:

  • Brand new dashboard
       (a) Quickly access pending, in-progress, completed and declined documents
       (b) Access important items and settings faster with Quick Actions
       (c) Snapshot of top signers and service plan usage statistics
  • Improved documents view
       (a) Faster loading and filtering of documents 
       (b) Enhanced bulk actions experience for signing, downloading and deleting
       (c) Improved loading performance of the documents

Improved Documents View

Easily start new signing workflows

  • Upload documents and arrange recipients on a single page
  • Prepare a signing workflow with multiple documents
  • Get documents from your local file system, SH library, Google Drive and Dropbox

Easily Start New Signing Workflows

Simplified document sending and viewing

  • Faster viewing of multiple documents
  • Sign multiple documents in a single signing session
  • Merge and attach more than one document

Simplified Document Sending and Viewing


SigningHub Autumn '16 API developments

  • A number of new REST APIs for business application integration.
  • REST APIs for adding signatures and form fields
  • Various performance and security improvements

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