Bricks, mortar and digital signatures

Posted by Chris Piercey on 25-Oct-2016 16:01:51

In our latest series of blogs, we delve into a specific industry to explore how solutions such as SigningHub can strengthen document security and increase productivity. Our most recent post covered real estate .

Modern architecture is one of humanity’s marvels. As a society, we’ve conquered incredible heights and distances through the combined power of engineering, mathematics and physics.

Underpinning every new structure or building is an army of architects working relentlessly to complete the project on time and to the highest standards. These firms visualise our houses, workplaces, cultural monuments and the infrastructure we use on a daily basis.

Bricks, Mortar and Digital Signatures


Conceptual designs, structural blueprints, client agreements, financial statements and planning records are some of the invaluable documents that bring an architectural idea to life.

Traditionally, these would have been stored, shared and approved on paper. Computer software has changed the industry dramatically by unlocking new methods of design and structural engineering and enabling designs to be quickly sent over email. However, what is interesting is that one aspect of the architectural design process hasn’t kept up with progress – document approval.

Despite the sensitivity of documents, particularly from an intellectual property perspective, document management often still involves paper signatures, rubber stamps or when electronic, inefficient communication methods and insecure processes. 

SigningHub dramatically improves how firms manage, track and approve their documents. Managers have confidence in the fact every digital signature is strongly authenticated and verifiable for the long-term. They have digital evidence that the person agreeing to a change in design is who they say they are and the document itself is protected from any further unauthorised changes.

There are considerable productivity benefits as well, especially when working with external contractors and specialists who need to provide their approval on documentation. Digital signatures can accelerate decision-making by bringing parties together in a central location. There are even environmental benefits from the accompanying reduction in paper documentation.

Not every architectural document is appropriate for digitisation, however there are large swathes of the architectural process that would benefit from a high-trust, highly secure digital signature solution assisting documentation approval.

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