How to find the best e-Signature solution for banking

Posted by Victoria Morgan on 20-Feb-2017 13:40:58

Our blog series looking at how different industries can use SigningHub continues. Recent entries include real estate, architects, pharmaceutical organisations and governmental use .

Banks have a duty to customers. They must ensure personal and financial information is kept confidential at all times. There are many elements to this process, from encryption and two-factor authentication in mobile banking, to the questions asked over the phone to verify your identity.

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One aspect often overlooked is document management, the approval process and how eSignatures can help improve data security

eSignature solutions have been available for some time, therefore the productivity benefits need little explanation. Any globally distributed organisation, banks included, benefits immensely from the ability to share, approve, track and store documentation digitally.

It is the security features that are rarely evaluated. Both retail and institutional banks must provide customers and investors with the upmost confidence that information will not end up in the wrong hands. This includes customer statements, investment authorisations, legal records and the swathe of other documents that underpin modern banking.

One method to strengthen document security and ensure compliance is to use an eSignature solution built specifically with security at its core.

Banking on Data Security


That is why SigningHub is available as an on-premise solution, as well as a public/private cloud service.

SigningHub Enterprise (on premise) is built around banking’s complex IT and regulatory ecosystem. For example, our solution adheres to the latest data protection regulations, is fully EU eIDAS compliant and uses a flexible choice of robust digital certificates stored on secure servers (or in hardware form) to verify any user signing a document as well as the validity of that person’s signature eBook on the topic.  

The underlying technical infrastructure and design of SigningHub makes the solution a prime choice for financial organisations and banks. Most of all none of the above security benefits are sacrificed over user experience, so you can be sure of an extremely secure yet easy-to-use solution tailor made for your organisation.

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