SigningHub Dec '18 and Jan '19 releases

Posted by Craig Roberts on 14-Jan-2019 06:56:31

To meet the global requirements of our customers and partners more rapidly, we have accelerated our development life-cycles in the SigningHub December '18 and January '19 releases. Expect to see these feature update blogs on a regular basis.

If you are keen to provide feedback in advance, we have a SigningHub beta site. We welcome your feedback because it helps us shape the product to meet your needs.

Note: You will need to register for a new beta user account.  

SigningHub releases: January '19 - version 7.7.2 key updates:

  • Users can now enter their National ID number and have this displayed in the signature field to be clear which user is expected to sign. Both are displayed on the right-hand side of the preparation and view and sign screens. This is very useful to identify which users is intended when a common name (e.g. John Smith) is used. This adds to the National ID updates delivered in SigningHub version
  • It is now possible to delete a document from all recipients, including the document owner, irrespective of the document status for a recipient. This goes further than the current recall option and completely removes the target document from the SigningHub system.
  • A new Enterprise Role allows an Enterprise Admin to view all document data within an Enterprise. The role allows the document name and other metadata and status details to be seen but not the content. This new role has fine grained entitlements of read, add, edit and delete. It is possible for an Admin with appropriate permissions to change recipients, terminate workflows and delete documents as required.
  • Enterprise Admins can now search for Enterprise Users using a wide variety of options.
  • SigningHub Admins also have an expanded set of search options.
  • SigningHub Mobile Web now supports a guest user name being defined on the fly for use within the review and sign screen. Previously, the user name was always taken from the user’s contact information.
  • Document Statistics and Signature Statistics can now be exported to an Excel (.xlsx) file.
  • Enterprise call-back URL functionality has been expanded to send notifications for manual and automatic reminders.

SigningHub releases: December '18 - version 7.7.1 key updates:

  • SigningHub now supports the automatic trigger of the login process for a private Enterprise URL, removing the need for users to identify themselves using their respective email address. Enterprise Admins can configure this option within their Enterprise Role Settings. For example, when the default Enterprise authentication profile is Azure AD, accessing the SigningHub Enterprise URL will automatically prompt the user to select their respective Azure AD login identifier.
  • Account life-cycle management emails (invitation, activation, registration, and password reset and completion) are now available for customisation at an Enterprise level. These can be customised by an Enterprise Admin to match the Enterprise branding and content. Previously, the branding of these emails always matched the system level branding.
  • Option to always hide documents from all recipient’s Documents list when it is shared via SigningHub APIs for tight integration review and sign mode. This Enterprise Settings -> Notifications option, allows business applications to hide documents from all recipient’s Documents list, which previously was only for the first recipient in the workflow.
  • The Read Only view option has been removed. Documents will no longer be shown as read only to any recipient if the document owner or any other recipient is currently viewing the document. The signing order is still enforced as per the workflow.





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