SigningHub 8.1 release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on 24-Mar-2022 13:48:08

On 15th March Ascertia launched the SigningHub 8.1 release. This release is now available on the Ascertia Community for download. Please request access from your account team, if you have not already registered.

SigningHub 8.1 Release

SigningHub 8.1 release developments:

The SigningHub 8.1 release contains many important new features for all Ascertia customers and partners, including:

  • OpenID Connect connector
    • SigningHub now supports any third-party authentication provider that uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocol
  • View document and signature verifications by scanning a QR code
    • SigningHub now provides an option for the document owner to place the QR code anywhere in the document. By scanning the document's QR code, the user will be redirected to a URL where the document and signatures fields verification will be present for validation.
  • Gatekeeper filtering of documents
    • SigningHub now allows signers to delegate the reviewing of documents by forwarding them to someone else before reaching to them, assuming this permission was given as gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper will only have the option to review or decline documents and will not be able to sign or make any modifications to the document.
  • Validate National Identity ID while signing using Cloud Signature Consortium
  • New Language Support 
    • SigningHub 8.1 supports three new languages, Traditional Chinese, Georgian, and Hungarian, bringing the total number of supported languages to 31.

Performance and security improvements in this release, include: 

  • Signature verification
  • Fields management
  • Document uploading
  • Document rendering

A full list of features for the SigningHub 8.1 release can be found here

If you don't have access to the Ascertia Community, you can request this from your Account Team. If you need to upgrade assistance or carry out a system health check, talk to your Account Team about Premier Success Services.

Further announcements about the upcoming releases of ADSS Server and ADSS Web RA Server will be coming soon.

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