SigningHub Autumn '17 release

Posted by Craig Roberts on 11-Sep-2017 13:02:33

SigningHub Autumn '17 Release

On 9th September 2017, Ascertia launched the SigningHub Autumn ’17 release (v7.3). This release includes powerful performance enhancements, additional API calls and expanded user functionality to enable the ultimate signing experience!

SigningHub Autumn '17 release developments:

New API calls

  • Enterprise account registration & management
  • Expanded user management functions
  • Define signature appearance and set signing capacity in document signing call

SigningHub desktop web enhancements 

  • Select signer role at the time of signing & choose different signing certificates/capacities
  • 60+ document formats now supported including AutoCAD conversion to PDF
  • URL redirection to a preferred post signing web page is now possible for e-signers
  • Useful warning messages when deleting documents that are “In Progress” & “Pending”
  • Additional branding & customisation options available
  • Expanded functionality for form fields during document preparation
  • Extra document permission settings available when creating new workflows & sharing
  • Significant improvement to document rendering time

Performance and usage 

  • Redesigned database framework to significantly enhance SigningHub performance
  • Better management, handling & storage of documents & templates
  • Additional option to secure data encryption key (DEK) using a hardware security module (HSM) held master key encryption key (KEK)
  • Enhanced reporting in SigningHub Admin (on-premise or private instance)
  • Various application performance & security related improvements

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