SigningHub Summer '15 release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on 30-Jul-2015 16:31:00

On August 5th Ascertia launches the SigningHub Summer '15 release (v6.2).   There are a number of enhancements. All Summer '15 release updates are aimed at improving the user experience and delivering out-of-the-box integration with common business applications.  

As usual, all existing SigningHub users will be automatically and seamlessly upgraded.

Summer '15 release workflow enhancements

  • Parallel workflows can now be defined to allow users to be able to sign a document in any order and at any time – this complements the existing sequential or star workflow functionality.
  • SigningHub now offers a wizard-based approach for document preparation. Users are guided to upload a document, identify the signers, then point and click to position signature or other fields including name, email, job title, company, date.
  • Document navigation has been enhanced to allow users to click right to access the next document or click left to see the previous document.
  • Workflow templates can now be created with placeholder names associated with signature fields. When a template is selected an existing contact needs to be assigned to each placeholder location by the document owner or via an API call.
  • A signer within an active workflow can now be changed by the workflow owner, very useful if someone changes role or is otherwise unavailable.

  • Users can now use their Google Drive accounts to upload documents in SigningHub and then workflow them. Once the workflow completes the document can be saved back to Google Drive.

Summer '15 release new authentication options

  • Office 365
    Users can use their existing Office 365 credentials to login to SigningHub and sign documents.
  • Active Directory via ADFS 
    SigningHub now supports SAMLv2 authentication and the first supported identity provider is Active Directory Federated Services. When configured, this allows corporate users to access SigningHub and authenticate themselves using their existing AD credentials.

  • AET ConsentID
    AET ConsentID mobile users can now sign in to SigningHub and also sign documents.

Other items

  • The local language can now be changed within the user’s settings screen.
  • The home screen now shows Signer Count, Remind Signer and a quick access button.
  • The RESTful API has been enhanced – see the developer's guide for details.

We constantly strive to meet the demands of our valued customers.  Let us know your thoughts on the latest SigningHub summer '15 release (v6.2) and feedback any comments to us below.  Thank you!

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