SigningHub Summer '18 release

Posted by Craig Roberts on 07-Jun-2018 10:52:07

On 7th June 2018, Ascertia is launching the SigningHub Summer ’18 release (v7.5). This release brings many exciting enhancements and custom settings. They ensure that, regardless of industry sector and use case, SigningHub offers the ultimate flexibility along with a great user experience. 

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SigningHub Summer '18 Release

SigningHub Summer '18 release developments:

Integration enhancements

  • Integration with Verisec Freja eID for authentication at login and time of signing

  • SigningHub APIs have been enhanced to allow a business application to be told what actions just occurred, this includes:
    • Allowing a workflow to be marked as completed at any stage
    • Allowing a workflow to be created on behalf of a specific Enterprise user
  • Post-processing email generation on workflow completion via API is supported

  • SigningHub APIs also now allows an eSignature user to sign without providing a password

  • Using the application integration key, Enterprise Admins can now control:
    • The loading of SigningHub iFrames for specific documents
    • Collapsing of the side panels on the Document Viewer screen

User experience improvements

  • Local signing now allows National IDs with a certificate to be filtered and checked

  • SigningHub mobile web now supports large sreen resolutions and data caching

  • Support for using multiple email servers so that email notifications appear "on brand" to end users and signers - useful when hosting SigningHub for many organisations

Setup, deployment & administration

  • Enterprise Admins can now change recipients in pending mode and also change recipients to only be "registered users"

  • Enterprise Users can be given the rights by Enterprise Admin's to change other user’s roles

  • Documents and associated information can now be stored in:
    • File system storage
    • Azure Blob storage
    • Separate database (note that Oracle 12g is now also supported)
  • SigningHub now includes GDPR compliance features that can be configured by Enterprise Admins and SigningHub System Admins.

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We strive to meet the changing needs of our valued customers. Let us know your thoughts on the latest SigningHub Summer '18 release by providing your feedback here. Thank you!

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