SigningHub Winter '18 release - part 2

Posted by Craig Roberts on 31-Oct-2018 11:35:20

On 5th November, Ascertia is launching the SigningHub Winter ’18 release (v7.7) part two. This release includes the ability to support the new rules for Qualified Remote Signing with Level 2 Sole Control using the new ADSS Server SAM appliance which is currently undergoing the final stages of EAL4+ Common Criteria certification.

The SigningHub Winter '18 release also supports a number of UX, access control and permissions-based requirements. These have been driven from large global projects. SigningHub now supports Nordic specific identity schemes including the widely used BankID. Please get in touch with your feedback!

SigningHub Winter v7.7 Release

SigningHub Winter '18 spotlight feature

  • Qualified Remote Signing with Level 2 Sole Control utilising the new ADSS Server SAM Appliance - This functionality delivers the most secure way to sign using server-held signing keys and meets the highest-level requirements of EU Qualified Electronic Signatures and Advanced Electronic Signatures, as well as that of other global jurisdictions.
    • Meets the EU eIDAS Regulation requirements for remote (server-side) signing
    • Meets the Level 2 “Sole Control” requirements which prove that a centrally held
      signing key was only used for signing under instruction from its owner
    • SigningHub mobile apps have been enhanced to support the Signature Activation Protocol (SAP) and signing of the Signature Activation Data (SAD) for this purpose

User experience

  • New “Sign and Share” option for bulk signing reduces the number of clicks required to sign and share multiple documents.

  • API enhancement to allow Enterprise Administrators to change the owner of a document currently in a workflow. This means workflows do not fall out of control when the owner is absent or leaves the organisation.
  • Authentication support for SigningHub system access and/or at the time of signing for BankID (Norway), BankID (Sweden), TUPAS (Finland) and NemID (Denmark). This feature enables access to third-party services provided by Idfy.
  • SigningHub Admin has been completely revamped including an improved user experience and enhanced performance:
    • Entire user interface has been standardised to match SigningHub Desktop Web
    • Now easier to navigate, even faster to respond, and provides a great look and feel
    • New reporting and statistical analysis tools have been added

Access controls, permissions and security

  • Automatic deletion of inactive SigningHub Users and Guest Users (those that don't have an account). SigningHub Administrators can configure the deletion criteria based on inactivity period (default is 60 days). This ensures best practices, a clean database and adherence to GDPR.
  • Fine grain entitlement control for Enterprise Roles allowing Enterprise Administrators to control all aspects of their enterprise user base e.g. Read, Add, Edit and Delete permissions for all features.
  • Google reCaptcha has replaced the legacy Classic CAPTCHA. This feature provides a better user experience for enhanced security functions: user registration, login and forgot/reset password.
  • New system alerts via email and web notifications when certificates have been created, revoked or renewed. This ensures users are fully aware of what operations are being made with respect to certificates in their name.
  • Deprecation of SigningHub API v2. The new API (v3) introduced in version 7.0 provides far greater functionality and a better user experience.





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We strive to meet the changing needs of our valued customers. Let us know your thoughts on part two of the SigningHub Winter '18 release by providing your feedback here. Thank you!

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