3rd party websites can now leverage the full power of SigningHub

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 27-Aug-2012 12:50:00

For a while now we have provided a comprehensive web services interface (API) for SigningHub. This allowed business applications to initiate document signing workflows and create/delete user accounts. However an issue for many website applications is that they don't want users to register and login separately with the signature service provider. All the interactions should be through their own website so that there is consistent branding and user experience. To help in this usage scenario we have now added website integration using our REST based interface:


This is similar to the way credit card payments are handled by websites when they use an external payment gateway for the credit card processing. In the above example JBmotors website can automatically create the user accounts on SigningHub and redirect the user for signing purposes. The SigningHub pages also show the same JBmotors header/footer so the user feels comfortable with that they are in the right place. Note the address bar in the browser will show SigningHub, but this solution can also be implemented using iframes and widgets so even this aspect is not shown to the user.

For further details check out this page: http://www.signinghub.com/website-integration

As a demo we have set up this page as an example 3rd party page, which then calls our SigningHub service: http://demo.signinghub.com

Topics: document signature, Signinghub services, Document signing

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