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International document regulations you need to know

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 18-Oct-2017 08:31:07

In this blog, we discuss the international document regulations you need to know when making a digital transformation.

60+ countries have standards and legal frameworks for eSignatures and digital transactions. This list grows each year, which makes it challenging for international organisations to deliver compliant business processes.

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Meet the team at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 22-Sep-2017 06:52:21

Digital signatures and trust identities are not just for human interactions, as demonstrated by how we apply our security services in the IoT space. Join the Ascertia team as we discuss digital security at the 2017 IoT Solutions World Congress.

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Is your business prepared for GDPR?

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 12-Jun-2017 10:25:05

In this blog, we discuss how your business can prepare for the upcoming GDPR deadline - including what you need to know.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in May 2018 across the EU, changing the way businesses record and store personal data. A year from now may seem a way off but businesses need to consider their GDPR strategies sooner rather than later to ensure compliance.

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Implementing eIDAS-compliant corporate eSeals

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 08-Apr-2016 12:51:50

Ensuring compliance and security is a business's top priority. In our latest blog, we explain how organisations can implement eIDAS-compliant corporate eSeals.

What are corporate eSeals?

Corporate seals have been used by companies to protect paper documents from forgery for a long time.  A document stamped with the company seal implied that it was officially from the company, i.e. the legal entity rather than a natural person, such as the company Director. 

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Local signing with smartcards just got a little easier

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 08-Feb-2016 13:35:58

Local signing with smartcards introduction

Local signing  - i.e. where the signing key is held locally by the user on a Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD) typically in the form of a tamper-resistant smartcard or USB token - had hit a serious roadblock in recent months.  

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Dissecting the differences between DocuSign and SigningHub

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 13-Nov-2015 07:09:19

We often get asked how the digital signatures produced by SigningHub are different from DocuSign. Although at a basic level the document signing services may seem similar, there are significant differences when you take apart the eSignatures and analyse the security mechanisms being employed. 

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Choosing an eSignature for your business

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 17-Sep-2015 09:28:29

In our latest blog, we demystify how to choose an eSignature for your business.

One of the most confusing aspects for an organisation wanting to deploy an eSignature solution is understanding the technical jargon that different providers use. There are many eSignature schemes being offered in the market, with significant differences in terms of security and trust.

However, there is very little documentation explaining the differences and thus allows them to be compared and assessed for their suitability in meeting a particular business purpose. Due to our extensive eSignature research, we have developed a high-level eBook "Choosing the right type of eSignature" with key information that helps business managers and technical architects understand the various types of eSignature that exist.

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5 ways to accelerate eSignature adoption in your business

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 20-Aug-2015 11:58:00

In this blog, we discuss our top five ways to accelerate eSignature adoption in your business.

Implementing an eSignature solution successfully can be a great investment, quickly saving enormous time and money for your organisation, whilst easing life for your customers, employees and partners.  But how do you get it right and not be left with yet another system for users to learn and/or avoid? 

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Cloud signing: Advanced PKI digital signatures made easy

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 29-Jul-2015 14:12:00

Ensuring secure, remote signing doesn't have to be challenging. In our latest blog, we're discussing cloud signing and the ease of using advanced PKI digital signatures.

Background of advanced digital signatures

Advanced digital signatures require each user to have their own unique signing key. The security of the system then relies on the fact that the user's private signing key is not accessible to anyone else other than the owner.  

If implemented properly it allows an independent judge to determine that any digital signatures produced with the user's private key must have been created by the owner and no one else. It ensures the "non-repudiation" property, where signers can't reasonably deny the signatures they have created. 

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eIDAS: changing landscape for eSignature regulations

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 15-Jul-2015 11:01:00

The eSignature landscape is changing with the introduction of eIDAS, including the legal recognition of electronic signatures in Europe. 

The new eIDAS Regulation will replace the old 1999 EU Directive on Electronic Signatures.  To help you understand the new landscape we have put together a summary of what the new regulations promise in terms of making cross-border trusted communication easier and how we are ensuring our SigningHub platform remains the ideal vehicle for providing trusted online signing services.

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