9 common threats to your electronically signed documents

Posted by Victoria Allen on 02-Mar-2023 16:27:36

Our eBook, 9 common threats to your electronically signed documents, looks at the most common scenarios businesses could face and how to respond to them. It will help you understand how eSignatures stand up in a court of law with authenticity and integrity.

Can your signatures survive court scrutiny? Projects implementing eSignatures usually focus on the business benefits of cost-cutting, efficiency and improved user experience. However, the initial driver for eSigning projects is often compliance and adhering to regulations. Implementing legally binding signatures requires businesses to think of the potential threat scenarios and ensure countermeasures are in place to mitigate risks.

Common threats to electronically signed documents

Our eBook explores common arguments you may need to respond to as part of proving your eSignature solution can be trusted, including:

Threat 1: That is not my signature
Threat 2: The document was changed after I signed it
Threat 3: That is not the document I signed
Threat 4: My signing key was used by someone else
Threat 5: I had revoked my Digital ID
Threat 6: My digitally signed electronic document has been lost
Threat 7: It may have my name on it, but it has nothing to do with me
Threat 8: I didn't understand what I was doing
Threat 9: Using the wrong type of e-signature

9 Common Threats Ebook Cover
Download a copy and learn how to respond to these threats.

Want to learn more about eSignatures? Take a look at our other eBooks covering key topics such as the different types of eSignatures and eIDAS.

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