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9 common threats to your electronically signed documents

Posted by Victoria Allen on 02-Mar-2023 16:27:36

Our eBook, 9 common threats to your electronically signed documents, looks at the most common scenarios businesses could face and how to respond to them. It will help you understand how eSignatures stand up in a court of law with authenticity and integrity.

Can your signatures survive court scrutiny? Projects implementing eSignatures usually focus on the business benefits of cost-cutting, efficiency and improved user experience. However, the initial driver for eSigning projects is often compliance and adhering to regulations. Implementing legally binding signatures requires businesses to think of the potential threat scenarios and ensure countermeasures are in place to mitigate risks.

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How to use SigningHub: apps and integrations

Posted by Victoria Allen on 24-Aug-2022 16:08:16

Designed to help businesses successfully digitise their business processes, SigningHub improves efficiency, boosts productivity, ensures security and saves time and money over the traditional signature process. This blog, the fourth and final in our ‘How to Use SigningHub’ series, explains how easy it is to use SigningHub's apps and integrations for your existing apps, software and platforms.

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How to use SigningHub’s advanced features

Posted by Victoria Allen on 11-Aug-2022 15:55:20

SigningHub is a global leader in Advanced and Qualified Remote Signing. To help ease your business’s transition from traditional signatures to electronic signatures, the experts at SigningHub have compiled a series of blogs to help you understand the software’s features. This blog, the third in the series, goes in-depth on how to use SigningHub’s advanced features.

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How to sign documents with SigningHub

Posted by Victoria Allen on 21-Jun-2022 14:38:56

SigningHub can help create business efficiency whilst maintaining high trust in the document signing process. The second in our ‘how to’ series, this blog teaches you how to sign documents with SigningHub, including configuring signature settings and setting up a workflow.

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How to use SigningHub

Posted by Victoria Allen on 31-May-2022 10:01:07

SigningHub by Ascertia is a complete e-signature and document workflow solution, available as a cloud service or as an on-premise product for when complete control of your documents is required. Find out how it can help streamline your business processes with this guide on how to use SigningHub.

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Different types of eSignatures - Remote signing

Posted by Victoria Allen on 23-May-2022 12:53:17

The final blog in our series on the different types of eSignatures, this deep dive focuses on Cloud Signatures for Remote Signing and the details around this type of eSignature solution

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Increasing workplace productivity with eSignatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 19-Apr-2022 12:02:10

The successful digitisation of business processes is not an easy undertaking. The paperless office is rapidly becoming the norm for most businesses. Many core business tasks have been significantly improved through innovative technologies and solutions. One of the main drivers behind these enhancements is the desire of businesses for increased workplace productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we discuss how eSignatures can help achieve these business goals. 

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Different Types of eSignatures - AES & QES

Posted by Victoria Allen on 04-Apr-2022 09:59:19

The second blog in our series on the different types of eSignatures, this piece focuses on the differences between Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES). 

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Choosing the right eSignature

Posted by Victoria Allen on 17-Mar-2022 09:46:23

Not all electronic and digital signatures are the same. In this blog, we discuss choosing the right eSignature for your business.

At a basic level, users can use any mark on an electronic document to capture the signer’s intent to approve or accept the contents. The form of the “mark” or how it was created is not important. What is important is proving who made the mark and that no one made any changes subsequently.

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Protect electronic invoices from fraud with digital signatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 02-Dec-2021 09:58:05

There isn’t a business in the world that hasn’t issued or received an invoice at some point. They're essential to global businesses and without property security they're also a risk point. In this blog, we discuss electronic invoicing fraud prevention, cost effectiveness and digital signatures.

These critical documents keep international commerce flowing but it’s also easy to forget that raising, processing, approving and archiving these documents generates costs to a business.


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