Choosing an eSignature for your business

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 17-Sep-2015 09:28:29

In our latest blog, we demystify how to choose an eSignature for your business.

One of the most confusing aspects for an organisation wanting to deploy an eSignature solution is understanding the technical jargon that different providers use. There are many eSignature schemes being offered in the market, with significant differences in terms of security and trust.

However, there is very little documentation explaining the differences and thus allows them to be compared and assessed for their suitability in meeting a particular business purpose. Due to our extensive eSignature research, we have developed a high-level eBook "Choosing the right type of eSignature" with key information that helps business managers and technical architects understand the various types of eSignature that exist.

Understanding eSignatures

1. The different ways of e-signing

In our research we have analysed the following common eSignatures types:

  • Basic e-signature marks
  • Biometric e-signatures
  • e-Signatures with witness digital signatures
  • e-Signatures with unique digital signatures (advanced electronic signatures)
  • EU Qualified e-signatures (or their equivalent in various global locations)

2. Criteria for rating eSignatures

The research discusses each of these eSignature types, in terms of how they work and the security and trust they provide.  We also look at their legal acceptance in a court of law and how difficult they could be to repudiate. 

It's important to remember usability and commercial issues. So, we have also analysed the ease of use, interoperability and costs of each of the above eSignature types. A simple star rating scheme is used for easy analysis.

3. Results and conclusions

Read the full analysis in our eBook "Choosing the right type of e-signature". Our high-level results and conclusions are as follows:

Tyes of E-Signatures

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Our eBook will help you to understand the different concepts and then perform a risk-based approach in determining which is the right eSignature scheme for your business. As a result, you won’t get caught out by implementing a solution which is not fit for purpose.

Remember, the one constant in business processes is “change”. As soon as you deploy an eSignature solution for one purpose, another business requirement will emerge.  Therefore, it is important to choose an eSignature solution that is capable of supporting your needs today and yet also provides a flexible architecture that can support your future business requirements.

Having determined the right type of eSignature for your business, the next step will be to find the best solution which meets your requirements. To help you in this process, we have another eBook on questions to ask suppliers.

Download: The ultimate guide to comparing electronic signature solutions 

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