Creating savings for not for profit organizations with e-Signatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 06-May-2019 08:30:11

Because of their organisational structure charities, community groups and social enterprises are usually highly collaborative with members, volunteers, group leaders, investors and trustees all having an influence on decision making.

Creating Savings for Not for Profit Organizations with e-Signatures

As a result there is an abundance of paperwork, not just as part of day-to-day operations but also in securing grants or other funding, processing contracts and legal papers, buying or leasing property and completing aid authorisation documents.

The not-for-profit sector is also under pressure to be efficient whilst keeping costs to a minimum, ensuring that whilst employed staff can be paid the vast majority of the funds raised are steered directly through to members or for charitable purposes. 

This is precisely why e-signatures are beginning to make an impact on charities, not for profit organisations and NGOs. E-signatures are helping these organisations speed up the often laborious  procedure of securing signatures on multiple documents by multiple people, and lowering the costs associated with the process.

Another specific use-case to the sector is the way in which organisations can utilise e-seals to sign on behalf of their charity as well as bulk signing to automate multiple donation forms and payments.

SigningHub has been designed to be sensitive to the requirements of regulated or bureaucratic organisations and those that need accurate records.

Apart from ensuring that signatures are legally acceptable in different jurisdictions, another key benefit of SigningHub is that it offers secure long-term signatures which protect both the signer and the organisation, for example if a signature is repudiated during legal proceedings.

The solution is rapidly deployable, allowing a not for profit organisation to quickly embed the solution within a workplace. It lets users review and securely sign pending documents and track document workflow remotely across a range of digital devices, all of which is vital for any organisation that relies on the help of disparate groups of people in different locations.

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