Delivering digital signatures to the public sector

Posted by Sam Crook on 30-Jun-2015 11:19:00

The UK government's Cloud First initiative is helping organisations embrace digital document processes and deliver digital signatures to the public sector. This helps drive efficiencies and reduces the costs associated with ink-signing paper documents, scanning and returning them. Verify Project

The Cabinet Office's GOV.UK Verify project also provides the ability to check someone's trusted identity when they need to authenticate themselves. What is needed are trusted document workflow and signing solutions. They will make it easy to embrace simplicity with high security and long-term protection against unauthorised or fraudulent changes.


SigningHub works with the public sector

Ascertia Limited is providing strong support for these Government-as-a-Platform initiatives.

Ascertia's SigningHub product is available as a G-Cloud service on the Digital Marketplace and is also available for on premise deployment. It creates advanced digital signatures for multiple users and delivers excellent business efficiencies for any document workflow process.

SigningHub delivers long-term, legally binding digital signatures together with document approval, document protection and preservation for years into the future.

For further information, on how we can help deliver digital signatures to the public sector contact us.

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