Ensuring high-trust, eIDAS compliant remote signing

Posted by Victoria Morgan on 28-Jan-2019 08:13:30

In an international business environment, signing solutions that work across borders are essential. And with approval chains growing, in size and complexity, solutions that save time whilst providing high-security, compliant signatures are invaluable.

eIDAS compliant Remote Signing

There have been numerous advancements in e-signatures in recent years, including the move from local signing to remote signing.

Local signing requires locally-held hardware to validate e-signatures – a process that can prove arduous and cumbersome, especially if signing on the move.

In contrast, remote signing enables signing from any connected device as signing keys are held in server based systems or secure cloud services.

Find out how SigningHub has developed a high-trust remote signing solution that provides eIDAS compliant remote qualified signatures using our ADSS SAM Appliance.



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