How to sign Excel spreadsheets with SigningHub

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 05-Jun-2024 11:44:00

The age of printing, signing and scanning Excel spreadsheets for collaboration has come to an end. This cumbersome process, familiar to anyone who’s worked with financial reports and data tables, is readily streamlined with SigningHub.


By enabling the electronic signing and collection of signatures on Excel spreadsheets, SigningHub saves time and resources, enhances document security and facilitates efficient workflows.

Streamlining your document workflow is simple; let’s look at how to sign Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with SigningHub.

Preparing for electronic signatures

Before you begin, ensure your Excel document is ready for electronic signatures by checking that your sheet is within page margins.

SigningHub supports most file formats, including .xlsx, and upon upload, SigningHub converts all documents to PDF/A-1b, which enables long-term archival. This also ensures that any recipient will render the document the same way and prevents accidental edits during the signing process.

Initiating the workflow

If you’ve not already created an account, sign up for a free SigningHub account and initiate a workflow by clicking “New Workflow.”

Once you’ve done that, upload your prepared document by dragging and dropping it or using the designated file browser. Give your document a clear name, like “Financial Report – Q4 2024.” This will make identifying the document easier later.

Defining signer roles

Click “Add Recipient” and enter the email addresses of all involved parties. This can be people signing the document, people who need to review the document, or even the final parties who need to receive the signed document.

You can differentiate between the recipients by assigning specific roles, such as “Signer” or “Reviewer.” SigningHub also allows you to set the workflow order to serial, parallel, individual or custom, ensuring signers complete the process in an order you determine.

Precise signature placement

Within your uploaded document, click “Add Signature Field” to designate the exact locations for signature blocks on your spreadsheet. You can add additional fields such as initials, dates, names or even QR Codes for printed document verification.

Choosing your signing method

SigningHub accommodates various signature preferences:

  • Draw your signature directly on the screen using your mouse or, if you’re on a mobile, your touchscreen.
  • Type your signature using a keyboard-based font for a quick and professional look. There are several fonts available to customise the appearance.
  • Upload a pre-saved image of your handwritten signature for a more personalised touch.

Initiating the signing process

Once everything is configured, click “Send for Signing.” SigningHub automatically sends personalised emails to each recipient, outlining the document details and their designated role. Recipients can then review and sign the spreadsheet directly within the email or through a secure web interface.

Real-time tracking and management

SigningHub provides real-time updates on the signing process. You can monitor who has signed your Excel spreadsheet and who is pending - and even send manual or automated reminders to ensure timely completion. Upon completion, the finalised document is automatically stored in your SigningHub account for secure access and future reference.

Beyond convenience: The advantages of electronic signatures

Signing Excel spreadsheets electronically with SigningHub brings more than convenience to your life. It offers several other key advantages:

  • Enhanced security: eSignatures eliminate the risk of lost or forged documents. SigningHub provides a tamper-evident audit trail for improved security and peace of mind.
  • Global accessibility: Regardless of your signers’ (or your) geographical location, your collaborators can sign the spreadsheet electronically. This allows for seamless collaboration no matter the distance between parties.
  • Streamlined workflows: Integration with various cloud storage platforms and business applications allows SigningHub to integrate into your existing workflows, easily boosting operational efficiency. Visit our marketplace to see all available SigningHub integrations.

Level up your document approval workflows with SigningHub

Digitally signing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with signing isn’t a glimpse into the future. It’s a readily available reality that delivers significant benefits. By streamlining the signing process, bolstering security, and simplifying collaboration, SigningHub empowers you to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

So, ditch the printer and embrace the digital age – your spreadsheets (and your team) will thank you for it. Sign up for your free trial of SigningHub today.

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