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Modernising legal services with eSignatures

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 03-Aug-2023 08:40:00

The legal services sector is one of the most rigorously regulated industries. Our latest industry-focused blog explores the specific challenges faced by the legal sector and how SigningHub’s eSignature solution can help solve them.

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Improving document security in insurance

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 21-Jun-2023 09:00:00

This industry-focused blog discusses how eSignatures are the key to improving digital trust, ensuring compliance and streamlining efficiency in the insurance industry. Other blogs in this series include government, banking and finance and construction.

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SigningHub v7.7.8 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 19-Jun-2020 13:45:00

On the 20th of June Ascertia will launch the SigningHub v.7.7.8 release. This release includes ICAP support and an extension of the RESTful API.

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SigningHub Winter ’19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 01-Nov-2019 06:24:44

In November 2019, Ascertia launched its SigningHub Winter '19 release (version 7.7.6). This release includes several administrative enhancements, as well as additional local signing options.

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SigningHub Autumn ’19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 02-Sep-2019 13:57:43

In August 2019, Ascertia launched its SigningHub Autumn '19 release (version 7.7.5). This release includes the launch of shared spaces, as well as the ability for SigningHub Admins to enforce a change of password and additional control features for Enterprise Admins.

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SigningHub Summer '19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 22-Jun-2019 08:01:00

In June 2019, Ascertia launched its SigningHub Summer '19 release (version 7.7.4). This release includes the launch of SigningHub lite, providing a pure e-signing experience.  Other updated features include, improved logging options and the ability to push registered users and their certificates to the ADSS CSP Service.

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SigningHub Spring '19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 10-Apr-2019 11:55:25

In April 2019, Ascertia launched its new SigningHub Spring '19 release (version 7.7.3). This release includes features, such as invisible signature options and XML file support. It also offers the capability for remote signing in 'bulk signing mode'.

To meet the rapidly changing global requirements of our customers and partners, we have accelerated our development life-cycles. To keep you up to date, all feature updates will be discussed in our regular blogs.

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Does SigningHub comply with GDPR?

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 30-May-2018 13:56:00

GDPR has been a hot topic since it was implemented. In this blog, we explain how SigningHub complies with GDPR.

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented May 2018 and introduced a new era in personal data security. GDPR is a big deal as it requires global businesses to change the way they work when it comes to the personal data of EU citizens. GDPR puts customer privacy at its core, making privacy a fundamental customer right and ensures personal data is kept safe away from prying eyes. 

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How SigningHub implements HIPAA-compliant security standards

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 02-Jan-2018 07:37:24

In this blog, we discuss how SigningHub implements HIPAA-compliant eSignatures.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

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How to provision users in SigningHub

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 17-Aug-2016 14:09:00

Creating a SigningHub account is simple but provisioning hundreds or even thousands of users can be complex. This blog aims to simplify and explain the SigningHub provisioning options:

  • Self-provisioning
  • Enterprise provisioning
    • SigningHub Admin based provisioning
    • Programmatic provisioning
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