MD Consents case study: secure, efficient signing for fertility clinics

Posted by Victoria Allen on 20-Nov-2019 11:16:05

Fertility clinics work within a highly sensitive sector where patient consent and comprehension must be irrefutable. MD Consents is acutely familiar with these requirements, particularly when the company launched its service.

In our latest case study, we look at the business objectives SigningHub helped MD Consents meet (including strengthening an already robust informed consent process, increasing transparency, improving patient education and communicating the legal implications of treatments) and the benefits of having a complete digital audit trail, legal evidence of each signer’s identity and long-term signature validation.

With significant time savings, cost benefits and improved risk management all delivered, MD Consents now has, as Tony Marven, CTO at MD Consents said, “…a solution that clinics and patients can depend on. Signatures that provide non-repudiation and long-term validation are critical for us and SigningHub provides these.

Read the full case study to find out why MD Consents is looking to expand its SigningHub usage for other therapy areas.

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