SigningHub Winter '15 release

Posted by M Wahaj Khan on 02-Nov-2015 13:03:29

On 2nd November Ascertia launches the SigningHub Winter '15 release (v6.3). It's packed with state of the art security and ease of use features benefiting first-time users as well as power users. We're confident that you will be pleased with the significant enhancements, all aimed at improving the user experience. As always, all existing SigningHub users will be automatically upgraded.


  • A new Mobile App SDK is available for both Android and iOS platforms, enabling third parties to tightly integrate with SigningHub document viewing and signing functionality into their own native mobile apps. The SDK is both brandable and multi-lingual.

  • A signed Workflow Evidence Report is now created for each completed document. This is a PDF report which details all the actions that affected the document during the workflow, including who performed the action, at which date and time, and their IP address.  The report is signed with a long-term system digital signature.

  • A special option is available for local signing using Belgian eID cards without using signed Java applets

Security Enhancements

  • Each document has a Document Log and each user has an Activity Log. These have both been enhanced to provide even more detailed audit information.
  • A new recipient role called Editor has been created. A recipient with the Editor role can add initials or fill form fields but is not required to sign. This allows one user to fill in a document for sign-off by another.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported for OAuthv2, SAMLv2 and Active Directory-based login authentication methods. For example, when using SigningHub for Salesforce, or SigningHub for SharePoint apps, users will not need to re-login to view, prepare or sign documents in SigningHub.
  • Session timeout handling has been improved. Users are notified when their session is about to expire and can choose either to stay connected or logout immediately. If the user doesn’t respond, he or she is automatically logged out after anything they were working on has been saved.
  • Granular role-based access management is now supported in SigningHub Admin.

Improved Usability

  • Contacts can now be added in bulk using a CSV file.
  • PDF form creation now supports adding date fields, radio buttons and check boxes.
  • A number of user experience improvements have been made to document preparation and template creation. Templates can now be saved at any stage of the document preparation.
  • Users can now be bulk invited by the Enterprise Admin to join an Enterprise service plan using a CSV file. When they accept they are automatically added as a contact.


  • An Archive folder is now available. Users can manually move documents to this folder to clear their active folders. A new document management feature controlled by the user’s Service Plan can also be configured to move older documents automatically to the archive folder.
  • A new housekeeping feature configurable in each Service Plan can now automatically delete old untouched documents. SigningHub notifies each user via email before deleting such documents.
  • Initials and In-Person signature fields can now be replicated to the same location on one or all pages.
  • A number of performance improvements have been made, the most noticeable being that the home page document list is displayed faster and when a document is opened it is rendered more quickly.
  • SigningHub installer allows Windows Authentication as an option to connect with SQL Server.

We constantly strive to swiftly meet the changing needs of our valued customers. Let us know your thoughts on the latest SigningHub Winter '15 release (v6.3) by feeding back your comments to us below. Thank you!

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