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Posted by Liaquat Khan on 04-Jul-2012 08:36:00

signing documents on iPad

The iPad is the perfect device for signing documents. It provides a large screen for easily viewing documents and drawing the signature on the touch screen with your finger/stylus is as natural as signing with pen on paper! There are many iPad apps which do this.

But just drawing your e-signature provides no security from copying this image and placing it on other documents. Also the e-signature cannot detect later edits to your documents. What’s different about the SigningHub app is that it overcomes these limitations by also creating advanced, long-term PKI digital signatures which sit behind you hand-drawn e-signatures. Each user has his or her private digital signature PKI key securely managed on the server. The server also keeps a secure detailed audit trail of all signing operations.

With the SigningHub iPad app you can view your pending document and sign in seconds, as well as keeping tracking of your signed documents.

Topics: online document signing, digital signatures, document workflow, signing documents, workflow management system

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