What is an eSeal and why is it important?

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 26-Mar-2024 11:00:00

As governments and businesses around the world embrace digital transformations, eSeals are becoming more commonplace.

Trust and security are paramount in the digital age. When conducting business online or electronically, ensuring document authenticity and integrity becomes crucial. This is where the eSeal, a digital counterpart to the traditional wax seal, comes in.


What is an eSeal?

An eSeal or electronic seal is an electronic signature specifically associated with a legal entity. Unlike personal electronic signatures which verify individuals, eSeals verify the origin and integrity of documents on behalf of the organisation. Think of it as a tamper-proof stamp that allows you to prove that a legitimate source created the document and that no one has altered it.

Why are eSeals important?

eSeals offer several critical benefits for businesses and organisations, including:

  • Enhanced security: eSeals use cryptography to ensure no one has altered the document. Any alterations invalidate the seal, alerting recipients to potential fraud.
  • Improved efficiency: They automate document signing for high volumes, saving time and resources compared to manual signing.
  • Increased legal validity: In some jurisdictions, eSeals have the same legal weight as traditional signatures or seals - offering greater security and acceptance.
  • Streamlined workflows: eSeals seamlessly integrate with digital signing platforms like SigningHub. This facilitates a smoother document signing and management process.
  • Reduced costs: Eliminating the need for physical printing, signing and mailing documents saves money and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Common eSeal use cases

While eSeals offer a foundational layer of security and trust to any document, their true potential unfolds when leveraged for specific purposes. Here are common uses eSeal use cases that highlight their diverse application:

Automated high-volume document sealing

Imagine effortlessly sealing thousands of invoices, transcripts or contracts with a single click. eSeals streamline this process, saving businesses considerable time and resources compared to manual signing. This efficiency boost is particularly valuable for organisations that deal with regular high volumes of these types of documents.

Securing sensitive information

An eSeal acts as a digital guardian for confidential documents like financial reports, legal agreements, and medical records. They add an extra layer of protection by making any unauthorised alterations tamper-evident, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of sensitive data. This is critical for industries with strict compliance requirements or those handling highly sensitive information.

Verifying document origin and legitimacy

Recipients can instantly confirm the legitimacy of a document and the issuing organisation with a single glance at the eSeal. This fosters trust and transparency in electronic transactions, eliminating concerns about forgeries or unauthorised changes. This is specifically beneficial for situations where document validity is critical, such as in legal proceedings or financial contracts.

By understanding these powerful use cases, businesses and organisations can unlock the full potential of eSeals; moving beyond basic document signing and into a realm of enhanced security, efficiency and trust in the digital world.

eSeals vs electronic signatures

While both tools serve a security purpose, they have distinct uses:

  • Electronic signatures: Identify individuals who signed a document.
  • eSeals: Verify the origin and integrity of documents issued by organisations.

In many circumstances, organisations can use eSeals and electronic signatures together for comprehensive document security.

The future of eSeals

As the digital era matures, we expect eSeals to play an increasingly significant role in ensuring trust and security in electronic transactions. Their ease of use, legal validity and cost-effectiveness make them a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Do I need an eSeal?

If your organisation deals with high volumes of sensitive documents or operates in a regulated industry, eSeals can offer significant benefits. Exploring different eSeal providers and considering your specific needs will help you determine if they are the right fit for your organisation.

SigningHub: Your one-stop shop for eSeals and digital trust

If you are searching for a reliable, comprehensive eSeal solution then look no further.

Ascertia’s SigningHub offers a robust suite of eSeal features that we have designed to empower businesses of all sizes:

  • Unmatched security: Rest assured knowing SigningHub protects your documents with state-of-the-art cryptography and tamper-proof technology.
  • Compliance confidence: Our eSeals adhere to stringent regulations and industry standards, such as the EU’s eIDAS regulation or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) in the United States. This ensures legal validity and global acceptance.
  • Effortless scalability: Whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise, SigningHub’s eSeals adapt to your unique needs.
  • Intuitive user experience: Streamline your workflows with our user-friendly platform that integrates effortlessly with popular business applications like Microsoft Word, SharePoint and Salesforce.

Ready to build trust and simplify your document workflows? Contact us today to explore our range of digital trust solutions.

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