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Protect electronic invoices from fraud with digital signatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 02-Dec-2021 09:58:05

There isn’t a business in the world that hasn’t issued or received an invoice at some point. They're essential to global businesses and, without proper security, they're also a risk point. In this blog, we discuss electronic invoicing fraud prevention, cost-effectiveness and digital signatures.

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SigningHub 8.0 Release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on 16-Nov-2021 10:12:19

On 22nd October, Ascertia launched SigningHub 8.0. The latest SigningHub release is now available on the Ascertia Community for download. Please request access from your account team, if you have not already registered.

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Part 2: Digital signing cost savings

Posted by Sam Crook on 10-Mar-2021 04:55:28

In this blog, we discuss several ways digital signing delivers cost savings once documents are returned by signers. This piece follows on from the first part of this blog mini-series where we looked at the surprisingly high cost of paper, printing, photocopying and delivering documents when calculated over the course of a year.

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Part 1: How digital signing delivers cost savings

Posted by Sam Crook on 01-Mar-2021 04:55:00

Digital signing can deliver significant cost savings. A piece of paper is inexpensive, but, consider how many pieces of paper an average business uses, files and stores away every year.

The number can reach millions, if not more, and when you calculate what you do with that piece of paper you soon realise that considerable savings could be made by switching to digital signatures and eliminating paper-based approvals.

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Bulk signing with Ascertia's SigningHub

Posted by Nick Budden on 24-Feb-2021 14:30:00

Providing business and environmental solutions with bulk signing from SigningHub

If your organisation needs to send out hundreds, thousands or even millions of documents for signature and action, then manual systems quickly become unmanageable, environmentally unacceptable, and prohibitively costly. Bulk signing with electronic signatures is an ideal solution.

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SigningHub v7.7.9 release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on 28-Oct-2020 15:49:29

On the 28th October Ascertia announced the launch of the SigningHub v7.7.9 release. This release includes support for the Cloud Signature Consortium API protocol and greater control of the sign-off level of assurance for users.

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SigningHub v7.7.8 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 19-Jun-2020 13:45:00

On the 20th of June Ascertia will launch the SigningHub v.7.7.8 release. This release includes ICAP support and an extension of the RESTful API.

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How telecoms companies benefit from eSignatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 18-Jun-2020 10:26:55

Telecoms is a fast paced industry, with many organisations working with multiple partners across multiple disciplines to provide communications services to consumers and businesses. Time is always of the essence. In this blog, we discuss the many benefits eSignatures offer the telecoms industry.

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Transitioning to remote channels with eSignatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 30-Apr-2020 13:35:59

Remote working has quickly become the new normal. As global businesses transition to remote channels, we discuss how eSignatures can help facilitate this process.

Many businesses that were initially sceptical have experienced the benefits and many will likely continue with remote working long after it’s necessary.

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3 tips to make working from home easier

Posted by Victoria Allen on 31-Mar-2020 15:23:22

This is the first time that many organisations have rolled out remote working on such a scale and as a result it can take some adjusting to. As a global team with partners in multiple countries and time zones, we’ve learned a few things along the way. In this blog, we discuss SigningHub's top three working from home tips - and how they can make life easier.

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