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What is a digital signature and how do I create one?

Posted by Victoria Allen on 30-Sep-2019 14:40:54

What is a digital signature and how do I create one are two of the most common questions we are asked.

There is a clear difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures though, and confusingly digital signatures can be referred to as electronic signatures which does not help matters.

What is a digital signature?

Digital signatures must provide a way to authenticate the signer’s identity.

Authentication is done through the use of a unique Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) signing key for each user and an associated digital certificate which acts as a digital identity embedded into every signature. Public Key Infrastructure is a technical framework of encryption and cybersecurity.

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SigningHub Autumn ’19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 02-Sep-2019 13:57:43

In August 2019, Ascertia launched its SigningHub Autumn '19 release (version 7.7.5). This release includes the launch of shared spaces, as well as the ability for SigningHub Admins to enforce a change of password and additional control features for Enterprise Admins.

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SigningHub Summer '19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 22-Jun-2019 08:01:00

In June 2019, Ascertia launched its SigningHub Summer '19 release (version 7.7.4). This release includes the launch of SigningHub lite, providing a pure e-signing experience.  Other updated features include, improved logging options and the ability to push registered users and their certificates to the ADSS CSP Service.

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Not-for-profit cost savings with eSignatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 06-May-2019 08:30:11

In this blog, we discuss how eSignatures can help not-for-profit organisations. Because of their organisational structure, not-for-profit charities, community groups and social enterprises are usually highly collaborative with members, volunteers, group leaders, investors and trustees all having an influence on decision making.

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How the natural resources industry benefits from eSignatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on 24-Apr-2019 07:50:41

In our latest industries blog we are focusing on natural resources and the benefits the industry could see from using eSignatures.

Producers of major commodities (coal, iron ore, oil and natural gas) are realising great efficiencies through technology. In a low-growth environment, there are opportunities to extend these benefits into broader operational areas.

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SigningHub Spring '19 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 10-Apr-2019 11:55:25

In April 2019, Ascertia launched its new SigningHub Spring '19 release (version 7.7.3). This release includes features, such as invisible signature options and XML file support. It also offers the capability for remote signing in 'bulk signing mode'.

To meet the rapidly changing global requirements of our customers and partners, we have accelerated our development life-cycles. To keep you up to date, all feature updates will be discussed in our regular blogs.

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Ensuring high-trust, eIDAS-compliant remote signing

Posted by Victoria Allen on 28-Jan-2019 08:13:30

In an international business environment, signing solutions that work across borders are essential. With approval chains growing, in size and complexity, solutions that save time whilst providing high-security, e-IDAS compliant remote signing are invaluable.

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SigningHub Dec '18 and Jan '19 releases

Posted by Craig Roberts on 14-Jan-2019 06:56:31

To meet the global requirements of our customers and partners more rapidly, we have accelerated our development life-cycles in the SigningHub December '18 and January '19 releases. Expect to see these feature update blogs on a regular basis.

If you are keen to provide feedback in advance, we have a SigningHub beta site. We welcome your feedback because it helps us shape the product to meet your needs.

Note: You will need to register for a new beta user account.  

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SigningHub Winter '18 release - part 2

Posted by Craig Roberts on 31-Oct-2018 11:35:20

On 5th November, Ascertia is launching the SigningHub Winter ’18 release (v7.7) part two. This release includes the ability to support the new rules for Qualified Remote Signing with Level 2 Sole Control using the new ADSS Server SAM appliance which is currently undergoing the final stages of EAL4+ Common Criteria certification.

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SigningHub Summer '18 release part two!

Posted by Craig Roberts on 10-Aug-2018 12:39:29

On 13th August 2018, Ascertia is launching the second SigningHub Summer ’18 release (v7.6). This release offers even more exciting features and functionality - many of which have been requested by you, our valued customers and partners. 

Please get in touch with your feedback!

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