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How Museums can use eSignatures to enhance archiving

Posted by Victoria Allen on 25-Jun-2018 08:47:04

Our popular ‘five industries’ blog series has returned, starting with how museums can use eSignatures to enhance their archiving process.

Museums are already using technology across the entire visitor journey to deliver impressive experiences that entertain and enlighten. However, this is just one part of an overall digital transformation strategy.

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SigningHub Summer '18 release

Posted by Craig Roberts on 07-Jun-2018 10:52:07

On 7th June 2018, Ascertia is launching the SigningHub Summer ’18 release (v7.5). This release brings many exciting enhancements and custom settings. They ensure that, regardless of industry sector and use case, SigningHub offers the ultimate flexibility along with a great user experience. 

Please get in touch with your feedback!

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Does SigningHub comply with GDPR?

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 30-May-2018 13:56:00

GDPR has been a hot topic since it was implemented. In this blog, we explain how SigningHub complies with GDPR.

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented May 2018 and introduced a new era in personal data security. GDPR is a big deal as it requires global businesses to change the way they work when it comes to the personal data of EU citizens. GDPR puts customer privacy at its core, making privacy a fundamental customer right and ensures personal data is kept safe away from prying eyes. 

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Can I use an electronic signature?

Posted by Graham Smith on 29-Jan-2018 10:33:17

Graham Smith
Graham is a partner in international law firm Bird & Bird LLP. He is based in London and is one of the UK's leading cyberlaw experts, with a practice encompassing advisory and contentious work in the internet, IT and intellectual property fields.

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SigningHub Winter '18 release

Posted by Craig Roberts on 17-Jan-2018 08:07:35

On 20th January 2018, Ascertia is launching the SigningHub Winter ’18 release (v7.4). This release is all about improved speed and usability. It ensures that all the new and exciting features deliver you, our customers and partners, a great experience - thank you for your feedback!

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How SigningHub implements HIPAA-compliant security standards

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on 02-Jan-2018 07:37:24

In this blog, we discuss how SigningHub implements HIPAA-compliant eSignatures.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

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International document regulations you need to know

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 18-Oct-2017 08:31:07

In this blog, we discuss the international document regulations you need to know when making a digital transformation.

60+ countries have standards and legal frameworks for eSignatures and digital transactions. This list grows each year, which makes it challenging for international organisations to deliver compliant business processes.

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Meet the team at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Posted by Liaquat Khan on 22-Sep-2017 06:52:21

Digital signatures and trust identities are not just for human interactions, as demonstrated by how we apply our security services in the IoT space. Join the Ascertia team as we discuss digital security at the 2017 IoT Solutions World Congress.

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How different industries benefit from eSignatures - New eBook

Posted by Victoria Allen on 18-Sep-2017 08:00:49

Esignatures are being extensively adopted across most industries to improve security, reduce the use of paper, accelerate approval processes and enhance workflows. In our latest eBook, we identify how different industries benefit from eSignatures.

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SigningHub Autumn '17 release

Posted by Craig Roberts on 11-Sep-2017 13:02:33

On 9th September 2017, Ascertia launched the SigningHub Autumn ’17 release (v7.3). This release includes powerful performance enhancements, additional API calls and expanded user functionality to enable the ultimate signing experience!

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